Monday, January 21, 2013

Language Arts: Narrative Story Structure

1. Status Quo Lyrics to High School Musical Song Status Quo

2. Characters & Setting

3. Problem

4. Try/Fail Cycles or Blocks

5. Resolution

6. Ending

7. Theme

(Scenes are bing changes in place or time)
(Plot consists of several related scenes that move the character through the story structure)

Language Arts: Persuasive Writing

If you have used the ideas of "Explode the Moment" and the acronym "DRAPES" for writing, but feel they are a little redundant, you may like my take on it.  It is called the PETS FRAME.  It incorporates ideas from both.


Here is an example of how to fill out the PETS FRAME using the topic of  "School Uniforms" (written from the point of view that kids should be able to choose what they wear).
Click HERE for a PDF version of the School Uniform PETS FRAME.

This is the Bing Bang Bongo Modified Click Here For PPT

Boring Template :-) PowerPoint

Use for some background articles to write about.

Science: Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity and Magnetism Cards

Magnetism Sciber Text

Electricity Sciber Text

Unit Opener: Magnet Exploration
 For the PDF version of the Magnet Exploration CLICK HERE

Why can't we shock each other at school?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Science: Earth Science

Click here for the Game Board you see below: Geologic Processes Game Board Modified

This gameboard is modified from the board on

If you want to use this board you will still need the cards which can be found by clicking HERE.

I had the kids make a T-Chart that was labeled:
1. Processes that build
2. Processes that break down

The students were expected to take notes as they played.

As a review activity, I made Earth Science "I Have, Who Has" cards.  Click HERE for a copy of the cards.

I also made a quick review with some Earth Science Taboo Cards. Taboo Cards