Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Science: Matter

Matter Vocabulary Cards for Games
Matter Vocabulary Cards

Matter Vocabulary Notebook Template

Matter Vocabulary Journal

Matter Sciber Text

Physical Property Lab Sheet
Students used this lab sheet while observing a set of 6 different clear substances: hand soap, acetone, vinegar, corn syrup, water, hydrogen peroxide.

Atom Quiz
This quiz was given about a week after my atom lesson.  I use two giant marshmallows smashed together to represent the proton and neutron.  A small marshmallow represents the electron.  Students have to identify each part of the atom, their charges, where they are found and what the do.  Example:  They show me the proton and neutron are found in the nucleus of the atom.  The proton has a positive charge (body language: thumbs up or plus sign. Analogy, it would be positive to be a pro-athlete). The neutron has a neutral or no charge (body langage: hands up showing that they want to stay out of it. Analogy, Switzerland or being stuck between two of your friends fighting). The electron has a negative charge and orbits the nucleus (body language: thumbs down for negative and circular motion for orbiting.  Analogy: electron sounds like electrocute, which would be a negative experience).

Physical Property Specific Graphic Organizer with Density Cube Lab Instruction
The district has a kit with density cubes that is great to reinforce physical properties, observation, and data analysis.  The link above is something I made to help scaffold what I wanted my students to do with the cubes.

Fake Snow Lab Sheet
If you use sodiumpolyacrylate, you can click the link above for a lab sheet to go with it.

Physical Change and Chemical Reaction Rotation Lab
This is a rotation lab, similar to the one done by Reaction Time (if you have Discovery Gateway come to present for your students).  If you are not fortunate enough to have the presentation, you may want to add other rotations using the chemicals they use during the Reaction Time lab which include: cabbage juice, milk, and fertilizer. FYI: If you are wondering about the cute little animals and how they connect, they are simply there so the students have a visual to ensure they are recording the data in the correct spot on their lab sheet.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Constitution Day

Today is a great day to analyze the Preamble!

Have the kids read the Preamble,  watch the School House Rocks Preamble, highlight the difficult vocabulary words, match the vocabulary cards with their definitions, rewrite the Preamble with easier vocab, and finally discuss what the government is supposed to do for us, based on the words of the Preamble.

Preamble to the United States Constitution

Preamble Vocabulary Cards